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Time to relax!

Relaxation is now just a click away.
Want to have your relaxation programs at your fingertips at all times? With this Video on Demand offer you have a set of videos with professionally guided relaxation exercises.
You can travel directly to the oasis of tranquility in your home, whenever you want. You are worth it.

Videos currently only available in german. If you are interested in english language videos, please write to me.


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Good to know …

Video on Demand

We all know it - you want to do some guided relaxation exercises, but where, how, what? During the search and selection the motivation to relax evaporates.

Having a ready-to-use varied selection at hand would be the solution. That's what we have here! Programs of 10-20 min. as well as single relaxation sequences of a few minutes.

Whether before falling asleep or escaping to an island of tranquility for 10 minutes in the middle of the day - relaxation is now just a click away.

Video on Demand