We have for you a rounded and sustainable package of offers to live life. To live well.

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered

„Man! Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.“

Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso, * 6. July 1935) the 14th Dalai Lama

Well-Being Package

Holistic Consulting Package

A programme, which helps you deal with the high demands imposed on you, by your job and your private life. The focus is on strengthening you physically and mentally, to increase your well-being and your joy of life. You will receive consulting in the domains of physical exercise, tension release and diet, supplemented by personal coaching.

The see feel move "Holistic Consulting Package" offers you comprehensive consulting and tailor-made, sustainable solutions.

As a result of being able to draw from several disciplines, your situation can be analysed from various angles. Together we develop specific solutions for the fields of physical exercise, tension release and diet. The main focus of the coaching will be on identifying and activating your existing resources.

How does this work in detail? We have developed a methodical process, which is structured into 4 sessions, with clearly defined goals.


Price incl. VAT : CHF 600

The package consists of 4 individual sessions, which are organized as follows:

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Well-Being Package

1. Session: Analysis and Comprehension

Duration: ca. 60 min

The first meeting is focused on defining actual condition, and target condition. Your situation is thoroughly analysed from various perspectives. Together the goals you wish to reach are defined. During this session, your coach will aim to identify and understand as many potentially unhealthy habits as possible. This meeting will set the foundation for the main topics, on which the following consulting will be based.

The situation could present itself as follows: You are for example an individual with healthy eating habits, however show shortcomings in the field of physical exercise. Or, you show little need for improvement in the fields of diet, physical exercise and tension release; however you are pursuing a certain goal, which requires assistance. Or, you are facing a problematic decision, which you need help with.

2. Session: Suggestions and Practical Implementation

Duration: ca. 60 min.


Between the first two sessions your coach will develop an individual program for you. The main topics will be suggested to you. Together you define your targets and discuss which fields to focus on.

Practical Implementation

Based on the analysis of the first session your coach will provide you with practical solutions, suited to daily use in the fields of exercise, tension release and diet. You will receive valuable information regarding nutrition, and unfavourable habits will be pointed out. You will be supplied with suggestions and solutions, which will lead to a healthy and balanced diet. Your coach will furthermore demonstrate to you, how you can adapt the way you work-out to reach your personal fitness goals. Specific exercises will be studied and practised together.

Techniques for tension release will be practiced and tips and tricks procured for a more relaxed daily life.

3. Session: Well-Being Counselling, Goal- and Resource-oriented Coaching

Duration: ca. 90 min.

The previous sessions will also help to identify the topic for the coaching. It could be dedicated to burdening issues of your everyday life, or it could focus on a difficult decision you are facing. Either way the goal- and resource-oriented coaching is a tool, which sets inputs and triggers a process of change. The process and the solution are your own doing, the coach helps to identify and understand them. After the coaching you will have a clearer overview of your goals and know how to pursue them.

4. Session: Follow-up

Duration: ca. 60 min.

The follow-up focuses on continuity and sustainability. Unfavourable behaviour only causes problems if it lasts over a longer period of time. Likewise it takes time to turn positive patterns into habits. Small positive alterations, applied over a longer period of time, can result in big changes.

During this individual session, potential problems in the implementation of the desired behaviour are tackled. It also gives you the opportunity to verify that you are carrying out the specific exercises correctly. You are motivated anew to hold on to your targets and pursue them consistently.


Well-Being Counselling and Coaching

Individual consultations focusing on well-being as well as solution and resource oriented coaching in the areas of diet, exercise and relaxation. It is our goal to harmonize these factors, and a life’s task to keep them in balance.

The first session corresponds to the 1st session of our holistic consulting package.


  45 – 90 Min. 60 Min. each additional 10 Min.
1st session
Follow-up sessions
160 25
Prices in CHF incl. VAT.


We also offer the sessions by telephone or virtually.

be fit + chilled

Group training with specific tips for everyone.

In small groups with different focus topics like general fitness, circuit training, back exercises or relaxation.
For small groups of minimum 4 persons, we offer individual bookings for courses and workshops in the above mentioned areas.
We also offer relaxation group training in combination with Pilates.
Please contact us for information about the current program.

Private Class.
1to1 Training Program, tailor-made for your needs.

You choose from our areas of expertise: circuit-training, relaxation, back exercises or general work-out, well-being and fitness advice.


Group Training 50 Min.
Private Class 1st session incl. anamnesis 90 Min.
Private Class follow-up sessions 55 Min. 55 Min.

Live in the studio or streaming via Zoom


Time to relax:
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Time to relax!

Relaxation is now just a click away.
Want to have your relaxation programs at your fingertips at all times? With this Video on Demand offer you have a set of videos with professionally guided relaxation exercises.
You can travel directly to the oasis of tranquility in your home, whenever you want. You are worth it.

Videos currently only available in german. If you are interested in english language videos, please write to me.


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Good to know …

Video on Demand

We all know it - you want to do some guided relaxation exercises, but where, how, what? During the search and selection the motivation to relax evaporates.

Having a ready-to-use varied selection at hand would be the solution. That's what we have here! Programs of 10-20 min. as well as single relaxation sequences of a few minutes.

Whether before falling asleep or escaping to an island of tranquility for 10 minutes in the middle of the day - relaxation is now just a click away.


  1 class 5 classes 10 classes
Private class
1st session 90 min.
Private class 140 600 1200
Group Training 250 450
Workshop 90
Prices per person in CHF incl. VAT.
Groups Studio 4-6 people, Streaming 4-8 people
Validity 5 classes valid for 10 weeks, 10 classes valid for 4 months



We can best predict the future when we shape it ourselves.

(Jean Fourastié)


Maybe today is the day when we start shaping.


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