Hello! Here I am, Katharina Süssli, owner of See Feel Move, asking you:

Why do you want personal training? Why individual counselling/coaching? Because you want to feel good or even better. Because you want to learn. Because you want to get the most out of an hour. Are you nodding? Then I am the right choice for you! Your session is about you, this time is yours. With me you can allow yourself to be authentic. Then I can reach you best and your journey to change can begin.

My plan is that you will make steady self-improvements and take something with you that will last. Whether it's a better body tension or the idea of a new behaviour. That's what you'll find with me.

What do my clients say about me? She is really nice, but also very strict. She gets to the point in the counselling sessions, holds up a mirror to you. Yep. With me you are encouraged and challenged. But always with humour and a lot of empathy.

With the approach  Individual - Authentic - Efficient.


I am happy to meet you!

Philosophy, Bio, Qualifications



«I want to inspire people not only to achieve their (Pilates) goals but do so in their own unique way. By enjoying your journey and being able to laugh at yourself meanstaking the next step will appear easier. I like people.»

This philosophy is reflected in the courses I offer and also in the approach I take to make change and progress possible for you.


For many years I worked in a bank as a client advisor for international clients. In between, I worked in the tourism industry basing myself in different countries around the world. I wouldn’t have missed these years at the bank, nor my years abroad in tourism. I am lucky that I had a good time everywhere and that I have always enjoyed my work.

Before my extensive pilates training in New York I trained as a fitness and health trainer and as a professional coach. I have been working independently in these areas since 2013. It's wonderful for me to see how much happier and more content people become thanks to the inputs of my sessions. Change is possible!


  • Certified Wellness Trainer (Fitness & Health Trainer)
  • Certified Integral Coach
  • SVEB Certification AdA Modul 3 (Consulting)
  • Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor - training at True Pilates in New York
  • Longstanding experience and continuous education in the domains of physical exercise, tension release, nutrition and coaching.

I want to inspire people not only to achieve their goals but do so in their own unique way.

By enjoying your journey, having fun and also to laugh at yourself, taking the next step will appear easier.

I enjoy supporting people in identifying and using their own resources.

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