See. Feel. Move.

see and recognise

feel and perceive

move and accomplish


Healthy living.

Authentic Pilates.
Private classes and Duo, videos.

Well-Being Consulting/Coaching.


We can best predict the future when we shape it ourselves.

Jean Fourastié


SEE and recognise

You want to do an efficient and healthy sport. Despite your real desire for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, the realisation is difficult.

FEEL and perceive

You want to feel your sporting successes. You want more balance. You realise that with support and motivation you can attain your goals. Your personal goals are achievable if you recognise your strengths and use them in a focused way.

MOVE and accomplish

Pilates is an efficient and healthy whole-body workout. You achieve balanced physical fitness. And, Pilates allows you to achieve the body you desire. With the See Feel Move Individual package or individual coaching sessions, you will be supported and motivated. Now and sustainably.


Thanks to See Feel Move, it becomes teamwork.

It's time to live your life well.

The journey is the destination.


Also stones that are thrown in your way, can be used to build on.


Do, where you are, what you can, with what you have.

Theodore Roosevelt

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